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In Memoriam
Website in memory of my father Shimon Even




Moti Medina – Online Algorithms


Nissim Halabi -On Decoding Tanner Codes with Local-Optimality Guarantees, Dec 2011.

Sasha Zadorojniy – Algorithms for Controlled Markov Chains, Feb. 2007-June 2011.

Moni Shahar – Approximation algorithms for problems with geometric structure, October 2003-August 2006.



Liron David -

Yakov Matsri – Algorithms for routing and scheduling in wireless networks in the SINR model, (advisor Haim Kaplan).


Yariv Levin, Supporting De-normalized Numbers in an IEEE Compliant Floating-Point Adder Optimized For Speed, (August 2001).

Shachar Bar-Or,  Test pattern generation for parametric designs: from low precision to high precision, (Dec. 2002).

Nissim Halabi, Improved bounds on the word error probability of RA(2) codes with linear programming based decoding, (Oct. 2003).

Ronen Goldberg, An FPGA implementation of pipelined multiplicative division with IEEE Rounding, (Dec. 2006).

Lotem Kaplan, Scheduling with conflicts, joint advising with Dana Ron (May 2007).

Shai Erez, Function Approximation Using Piecewise Quadratic Interpolation, (Nov. 2008).

Moti Medina, On parallel distributed load balancing with retries, (Jan., 2009).